Brazil Mission Trip 2014

Daily Updates

Day 1 - Brazil Mission Trip 2014- 4/3/14

We are in Brazil!!!! FFBC's mission team of 16 traveled from Atlanta to Miami and on to Curitiba, Parana, Brazil today. Once we landed we ate at a local churruscuria. After dinner, Three of our team members were able  to share the gospel with a father and son in the restaurant. We then travelled south to Blumenau, Santa Caterina where we met Pastor Jairo, the director of the p-70 church planting partnership, and got some rest before a full week. Thank you for your prayers for safe travel. Pray as we start the project in Blumenau on Friday. Blessings.

Pastor Jim

Day 2 - Brazil mission trip 2014- Peyton Riley- Evangelism Team

Gods kingdom is growing in Blumenau, Brazil.  The people are open to the truth of the Gospel.  I am understanding more each day in Brazil why we call the Gospel of Jesus Christ "Good News".  Many people here respect the Bible & desire for it to guide their lives but many have never had someone tell them the Good News of our Lord and savior, Jesus.  What an honor for the Holy Spirit to allow me the opportunity of telling people about the free gift of salvation in Romans 10:9.

I would like to ask for your prayers for Francisco whose Mother is dying from cancer.  Francisco is about the same age as me with a family who we met while he was waiting with 7 other men for their kids to get out of school yesterday.  God gave us the opportunity to present the Good News via an Evangecube to this group of men.  Afterwards Francisco said he felt the Holy Spirit moving while we were talking and it was no accident that we met yesterday.  He became very emotional and asked us to pray for his Mother.  I was humbled and honored to pray with my brother on a street corner in Blumenau.  Please pray for his family and doors to continue to open.

My day started with 2 professions of faith from a young couple and ended with 3 professions from 3 construction workers.  It is an privilege to be "along for the ride" with the Holy Spirit in Blumenau.  God is reminding me of my lack of Faith because it's not about us, He is the one who saves!  It is freeing to have no worry about being on the Evangelism team because God is driving the bus and the experiences and sights are truly amazing.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

Please pray for more Kingdom growth in Fayetteville and Blumenau, Brazil.

On His bus,

Peyton Riley

John 14:6

Day 3 - Brazil mission trip 2014- Lynda  Lambeth- VBS Team

In my devotion this morning, it said to come with a heart of thanksgiving, I am thankful first of all for the sweet reunion with some of my Brazilian friends from June. Second, I am thankful that God has been faithful to meet every challenge that the team has faced.

Again the Brazilians in Blumenau, have embraced us with such a sweet spirit. They have reenergized us with their passion to share Jesus. It is absolutely contagious!

Finally, I am most thankful to the 148 souls that have received Christ in their hearts and are now brothers and sisters in Christ. Be assured dear friends that God is at work here. Your prayers are being honored In a mighty way.

With a thankful heart


Day 4

Day 5

Ministry Overview

In 2013, Fayetteville First Baptist Church began a partnership with Project-70, a Baptist Church Planting Partnership in Southern Brazil. Along with 5 churches from the Dallas,Texas Metroplex, FFBC joined in supporting indigenous baptist pastors, two seminaries, and taking mission trips to the states of Minas Gerias and Santa Caterina, Brazil. FFBC agreed to help pioneer the work in Santa Caterina. In June 2013, 32 members from FFBC joined over 150 believers from Brazil in taking the gospel to the towns of Irineopolis and Campos Novos, Santa Caterina. In six days of ministry the team saw 450 people give their lives to Christ and a new church birthed in Irineopolis. Since that time, a new baptist seminary has formed in Santa Caterina and pastors have been called to the churches in Irineopolis and Campos Novos.

2014 provides a second opportunity for FFBC and others to partner with our Brazilian brothers and sisters in Santa Caterina to take the gospel to Southern Brazil. This year’s trip is April 3-12 (Fayette County Spring Break).There are only 25 spots open for the 2104 mission trip. Middle School and High School students desiring to go will need to arrange to miss school on Friday, April 4th. All Middle School students must be accompanied by at least one parent. The following provides some details about next year’s trip.

Ministry Schedule

Friday, April 4th-Sunday, April 6th- Blumenau, SC

7:30am- Breakfast/Devotion

9:00am- Morning Ministry Teams

12:00pm- Lunch/Devotion

2:00-3:30pm- Afternoon Municipalities

5:00pm- Dinner

7:30pm- Evening Service

Monday, April 7th- Travel/Rest Day

Travel to Santa Cecilia, SC

7:30pm- Opening Rally

Tuesday, April 8th-Thursday, April 10th- Santa Cecilia, SC

7:30am- Breakfast/Devotion

9:00am- Morning Ministry Teams

12:00pm- Lunch/Devotion

2:00-3:30pm- Afternoon Municipalities

5:00pm- Dinner

7:30pm- Evening Service

Flight Schedule

April 3- Depart ATL- 6:35am (AA 17)

April 3 - Arrive Miami - 8:30am

April 3 - Depart Miami - 10:20am (AA 203)

April 3 - Arrive Curitiba - 7:45pm

April 11- Depart Curitiba - 9:15pm (AA 203)

April 12 - Arrive Miami - 8:15am

April 12 - Depart Miami - 11:25am (AA 1061)

April 12 - Arrive ATL - 1:25pm

General Daily Schedule

Opening City Rally (first night only in both towns/cities)

Breakfast/Team Devotion

Ministry Teams

Lunch/Team Devotion

Municipality Rallies


Evening Rally

Ministry Teams

Evangelism- This team “hits the streets” to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Each team will be pairedwith a Brazilian interpreter and will share the gospel using the Evangecube. This is a high walking team.

Visitation- This team will share the gospel in homes and with people with whom the local pastor’s havepreviously made contact or set appointments. The Visitation Team will also share the gospel with others they meet as they walk around town. Each team will be paired with a Brazilian interpreter and will share the gospel using the Evangecube. This is a high walking team.

Vacation Bible School/Schools- This team primarily works with children. They run a daily ministry either ina traditional VBS format or an adjusted format for elementary aged students in local schools. This team will lead out in Bible Studies, crafts, music, and recreation. There are also opportunities to work with Middle School and High School students in local schools.

Music/Worship- This team will help lead worship at the Opening City Rallies, the Evening Worship Rallies,the afternoon municipality rallies, in the daily team devotion times, and in the schools.

Communication-This team is more specialized and consists of those interested in photography,videography, video editing, and putting together the daily slide shows for the Evening Worship Rallies.

Social/Medical- This team leads in basic medical services such as checking blood pressure, glucosechecks, etc... This team also provides a crafts element in reaching out to the city or municipality.

Pastoral- This team is made up of the American and Brazilian Pastors and focuses on preaching, teaching,and administration during the trip.

Construction (TBD)- This team, historically, has helped build pews/benches for the local churches orhelped with the construction of a local church. The need for a construction team on the 2014 trip is still TBD.

Brazil Registration Files